Value Management
Short Course

A short course over three days designed to assist the participants to develop awareness and skills in Value Management.

What is Value Management

In the asset industry ACVM applies Value Management (VM) during the development of project briefs and feasibility studies as well as in option and design development stages across the building, mining, engineering construction and manufacturing sectors.

VM is a way of working together to improve value of programs, projects, systems, services or products. The process involves selected people participating in structured, facilitated workshops. As well as evaluating existing options or proposals VM may be used to set objectives and develop strategies and plans for businesses, programs or projects.

VM is used extensively by governments and the private sector and effective application of VM has led to the achievement of substantial benefits. These benefits may take many forms, including achieving: Consensus, commitment and ownership by stakeholders; Improved returns on investments; Savings in capital and recurrent costs; Savings in time.

Why Use Value Management?

The community demands value for money from government programs and projects. Public and private sector organisations seek to maintain a competitive edge. Project Managers face increasing challenges in terms of project complexity including the need to consider a range of factors such as environment, culture and heritage. VM provides a positive way of addressing these and other challenges. It enables, for example, active participation of a wide range of interested parties during strategic and conceptual planning.

Roles Performed Within Value Management

There are several roles performed under the banner of VM:

  • There is the role of managing the overall process of VM which includes preparing for VM studies.
  • Then there is the role of facilitating VM workshops. High-level facilitation skills are essential for this.
  • An organisation may have one person at a senior level that performs the role of "champion" of VM.
  • Others play the role of independent technical experts.

Purpose of This Course

The purpose of this course is to develop awareness of and recognise the opportunities for the applications of VM to particular situations and to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to enable them to actively participate in the process of preparing and assisting in the conduct of VM studies. The course should also enable participants to apply the principles of VM on a day to day basis.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants should be aware of the principles and processes of VM and be able to:

  • Apply the principles of VM in their day to day work;
  • Identify potential uses of VM;
  • Participate in managing the pre-VM phase of studies;
  • Assist facilitators in conducting VM studies;
  • Write clear & incisive objectives for VM studies;
  • Promote the opportunities & use of VM.
Course Details

The course is an intensive, hands-on program conducted over three days which is designed to assist participants implement their learning. It includes:

  • case studies and many examples of real situations;
  • model simulation and related exercises;
  • participants from a range of organisations who bring a range of perspectives & experiences to the learning time.
  • leading practitioners as course presenters.


Professor Roy Barton, ACVM. Roy is a leading exponent of VM. He has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a researcher, practitioner and exciting teacher in VM. You will learn the very latest in theory & practice from Roy and be captivated by his enthusiasm, empathy and style.

Ross Prestipino, Director ACVM. Ross has created a well earned reputation as the most incisive manager and reporter of the VM process and a comprehensive teacher of these skills while still providing his wide client base with acute facilitation services.

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