Value Management
One Day Familiarisation

What is the purpose of the workshop?
To explain and introduce the process, its success factors and the beneficial outcomes it brings to organisations.

Why should you attend?

You will have knowledge of and access to a creative tool that can improve performance and business outcomes. It will also enable you to set policy for its application within your organisation.

Your organisationís service delivery, financial performance, organisational focus and direction and team performance depends on the effective use of a range of support processes and management tools.

Value Management provides you with a flexible and dynamic team based creative approach to address your organisationís needs, building on the organisationís internal strengths and external service providers.

Workshop objectives:

  • Provide a basic introduction to Value Management - its principles, process and applications;
  • Explain why Value Management Studies are being undertaken in the:
  • Private & Public Sector
    • Corporate Direction & Investment Strategies;
    • Strategic Planning & Management;
    • Customer Focus & Client Involvement;
    • Options Development & Evaluation;
  • Public Sector
    • Government Policy;
    • Agency Responsibility;
    • Benefits to Projects & Services;
    • Improved Resources Effectiveness;
  • Outline the steps and procedures when arranging a Value Management study;
  • Demonstrate Value Management techniques highlighted by examples and group exercises.

Expected Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have acquired an understanding of the Value Management process, its principles and techniques;
  • Be able to recognise how Value Management can be applied to benefit your organisation;
  • Be able to develop organisational policy for the use of Value Management;
  • Have developed an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various Value Management Study participants;
  • Be able to participate and more positively contribute to a Value Management Study.

Method of Delivery:

The workshop will involve a mixture of:

  • Brief presentations on the Value Management process, principles and facilitation techniques;
  • Overview of case studies of actual Value Management studies highlighting particular examples of principles;
  • A variety of Group exercises where participants will apply skills to a relevant real-world scenario to explore and demonstrate the capabilities of the process.



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