Advanced Facilitation
(Value Management)

A course of study at the graduate level, designed to provide the participants with the skills and knowledge of facilitation to conduct effective, multi-stakeholder, objective focussed Value Management workshops.


Government agencies and private sector organisations that have a desire to lead and vision the future, require professional facilitation of the multi-stakeholder groups to achieve innovative solutions.

Seeking solutions for the future will require more than management skills the development of a special interpersonal, problem-solving and advanced communications skills will be the armoury of the facilitator.

Facilitation models have been developed which assist in approaching the task in a systematic way. Specific skills are utilized to suit the requirements of a particular facilitation challenge and concentrate on application of Value Management methodologies.

Effective teamwork and creative solutions are a priority for the private sector as well as all levels of government. The course provides participants with new and additional competencies which are specific to the role of the skilled facilitator. With regular practice a motivated participant will prove to be an invaluable asset to their company and a source of innovation and focus for all their colleagues.

Many organisations lack staff with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to professionally and effectively facilitate solution oriented group sessions. This course in Advanced Facilitation has been specifically designed to provide staff with prior learning in Value Management methodologies the necessary competencies to enable them to develop a facilitation strategy, adapt it to suit a particular context and to implement it.

Course Objective

To provide participants with the skills and knowledge of facilitation to enable them to plan and conduct Value Management and general workshop sessions requiring input from a wide range of disciplines dealing with issues and divergent views and seeking creative outcomes.

Course Content

The course will cover:

  • models and processes for outcomes-focussed and creative problem solving workshops;
  • the theory of groups;
  • advanced communication skills;
  • motivate of participants;
  • effective questioning and probing ;
  • analytical skills and decision making;
  • presentation skills;
  • systems thinking perspectives.

Distinguishing Features of the Course

The course is a hands-on program designed to assist the participant to implement their learning. It includes:

  • workshop format with relevant case studies and many examples of real situations;
  • analytical feedback for each participant;
  • a preparatory phase involving pre-reading and exercises;
  • an application phase incorporating guided implementation of effective facilitation within the workplace;
  • participants from different organisations who bring a range of perspectives and experiences to the learning situation;
  • course presenters who are acknowledged by their peers as leading practitioners;
  • Institute of Value Management Australia accreditation.


Participants have reported:

  • immediate value to their organisations;
  • enhanced perception of self-worth;
  • new opportunities within their organisations across a wider range of areas and business sectors;
  • long term change in their approach to problem-solving and strategic issues;
  • self actualisation and improved self confidence;
  • new personal horizons.


  • Professor Roy Barton, ACVM, University of Canberra;
  • Ross Prestipino, ACVM.

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