The key to a successful workshop is the ability of the facilitator to keep the discussion on track, to maintain the momentum of input and creativity, and to draw relevant information from participants so the overall context, problem, objectives & opportunities become fixed in the minds of those involved.

The challenge is to keep the group focused without stifling ideas. Those invited to the workshop need to be carefully selected to ensure the contribution is adequate to achieve the specific objectives of the workshop. When their points are incorporated into the group thinking & considerations, they leave the workshop with an enhanced sense of ownership.

The bigger the workshop, the greater the extent of this proprietorial feeling and the stronger the commitment to the outcomes of both the study and the long-term project.

The interaction of the participants also helps to build useful networks which are valuable during the course of the project or task. Collaboration and understanding are improved with a subsequent decrease in development problems as the project or task proceeds.

ACVM facilitators are skilled in achieving these results.