The Australian Centre for Value Management has a strong and varied client base because it provides quality consulting services in a personal and professional manner to meet their individual needs.

Based on the marketplace acknowledged, superior facilitation skills that ACVM practitioners possess, all consulting is inclusive and participatory within the client’s own organisation.

ACVM’s consulting practice has developed a number of distinct dimensions, including:

Professional Facilitation

The learned and practiced skills to manage and promote a groups’ capacity to understand competing perspectives, innovate, solve problems and achieve consensus on the way forward is a core capacity and service provided by ACVM.

Value Management

A structured facilitation process which builds on the various functions that underpin the topic at hand. Value Management, as a process, when effectively managed and facilitated can be applied to virtually any situation whether it be a project, business re-engineering, system refinement or strategic planning direction. ACVM has 6 registered VM facilitators.

Asset Management

ACVM assists organisations to establish and operate a framework, skills and processes to plan and effectively manage assets strategically that can confidently be seen as required to support key business functions and directions.

Risk Management

ACVM facilitates the identification and consideration of potential risks to the success of a venture and creates an environment where management strategies can be identified and developed to address the aspects which demonstrate unacceptable levels of risk in either potential or implications.

Strategic Planning

ACVM works with multi-stakeholder groups to respond to the challenges of thinking ahead, thinking strategically and responding to key issues such as resources, change, threats, business opportunities and growth in a structured, non-adversarial manner. Strategic Planning is all too often the key activity that business leaders tend to avoid allocating the necessary time or resources – ACVM make the process enjoyable.

Community & Stakeholder Consultation

ACVM apply our core professional facilitation skills to make the increasing levels of community participation in the development and review of technical solutions more satisfying for all stakeholders. The community gain effective participation, the client and the consulting team can participate without being placed in a defensive position and all parties learn together in a managed environment.

Project Evaluation & Review

ACVM apply a critical level of independence and a basis of facilitation in their consulting assignments which involve project evaluations and reviews. The involvement of those people who generally "do the work" combined with the injection of independent specialists provides a managed level of analysis and critique.

Policy Development

ACVM have worked with a number of Governments to develop a range of new policy, guidelines and implementation plans. As well, based on ACVM’s acknowledged background in practice and application, ACVM has been involved in writing new guidelines, assisting and editing other author contributions and providing confirmation of "best practice".

Staff Development

ACVM designs, develops and delivers a wide variety of professional development and training courses. These courses include familiarisation sessions, short courses and accredited courses which can lead to the award of a Certificate from the Institute of Value Management Australia. ACVM has existing courses and units and they also design tailor made programs for specific client needs.