The Australian Centre for Value Management Pty Ltd (ACVM) was formed in 1996 following 10 years of collaborative development and consulting work by the Directors focussed primarily across the NSW public sector. This development work related to resource allocation policy, facilitation, evaluation tools, skill enhancement and application within the marketplace.

ACVM has effectively positioned itself as an important source of professional assistance for a broad range of public and private sector clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

ACVM has a defined role in facilitating change which will lead to innovation and improvements within organisations. It employs specialist practitioners, educators and facilitators with high marketplace credibility & recognised independence. The processes it uses lead to significant improvements including:

  • clarity of purpose and direction: by making the goal or end-point of the project or task clearly visible and how it can be achieved.
  • improved services: resulting from employee involvement at all stages of the project.
  • reduction in costs: by optimising value through avoiding duplications, misunderstandings and redundant procedures.
  • enhanced co-operation & skills optimisation: enabling a team-based approach which engenders ownership and commitment among staff.
  • conflict avoidance: accomplished through improved consultation, communication & partnering with fellow workers and the community.
  • appropriate education: design, develop and deliver professional development courses designed to pass on necessary skills to clients.

The essence of ACVMs approach and operations embrace and reflect the principles of the learning organisation. This involves the application of facilitation in a way that helps create a sense of purpose and vision, a means of achieving that vision and a confidence to approach the task in a team environment. Through this approach ACVM is seen as part of the team and itself learns.

The principle strands of ACVMs business are integrated and benefit each other and our clients. Our consulting practice, education programs and ongoing action research fuse to provide a continuing relevance and freshness of approach to our services.

ACVM currently has offices in Sydney and Canberra.