"To make a positive difference to our clients’ business."


We will achieve our vision by:

  • Maintaining the confidence of our clients
  • Maintaining objectivity and professionalism
  • Being innovative in addressing our clients’ business needs
  • Investing in integrated research and development


ACVM’s strategic objectives are to:

  1. Maintain and grow the client base
  2. To continuously improve our products and services
  3. Design, develop and deliver professional development programs
  4. Have the right people to successfully deliver its products and services
  5. Develop and deliver professional facilitation services

Key Result Areas Relevant to our Performance

  • Strategic Directions and Business Planning
  • Staff Support and Development
  • Client Management including Feedback
  • Product Development and Delivery
  • Service Development and Delivery
  • Contribution to Industry and Standards Development
  • Research and Development


ACVM people will at all times uphold the following values:

  • Client focus
    All products and services are developed to meet the specific requirements of the client
  • Relationships
    Professional and ethical relationship are established and maintained with clients and other stakeholders
  • Quality
    Products and services are of the highest quality
  • Support
    Ongoing support services are reliable and effective
  • Communication
    Clear and open communication lines are established and maintained
  • Learning
    Learning is recognised as central to individual and organisational success

Code of Conduct

Persons representing ACVM will reflect company values, by

  • Striving to understand and exceed client expectations;
  • Exhibiting honesty and integrity in all dealings;
  • Adopting a professional, ethical manner and approach to service delivery;
  • Providing services that are within the scope of the individual’s qualifications and experience;
  • Maintaining client confidentiality;
  • Delivering products and services that are in compliance with relevant accreditation, national standards, legislation, policy and guidelines;
  • Ensuring that client needs are regularly monitored, assessed, and addressed.